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Welcome to Justin's Home
Welcome to Justin's Home
Welcome to Justin's Home Welcome to Justin's Home
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Hi, I'm Justin.

  Last Update:
  Jul 16, 2005

My full name is Justin Jiaming Zhang. It took Mommy and Daddy quite an effort figuring out this name for me by the very last minute before we left the hospital for home. Aunt Jane and Uncle Yue also contributed a lot in Mommy and Daddy’s final decision.

From the very beginning, Daddy appointed Mommy the toughest task of all---finding me a nice name. Mommy looked up all kinds of references available and consulted lots of her friends and got down to three names on her list: Oliver, Justin or Jason. But it was quite difficult for grandma and grandpa to say Oliver and also Aunt Jane did not like it. Aunt Jane suggested to call me Peter but Mommy did not like this name. So, Oliver and Peter were out. For a while, it seemed that Daddy had his own idea on this though he did not say much.

By the time when we got to the hospital, my name was still not decided. Daddy had Chris on his list and Mommy had Justin and Jason on her list. After I was born, Mommy and Daddy still could not decide what to call me and they decided to try out Daddy’s choice first. So I was called Chris for several hours but no one felt it was a good fit for me.

Daddy then called Uncle Yue and discussed with him on this matter and Uncle Yue liked the name Justin and WALA, I got my name.


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